Contrabass clarinet  

Contra Bass clarinet

The contra bass clarinet is pitched in B-flat and sounds one octave below the bass (this is what I call deep bass). It's constructed in both metal and wood. There are pieces written for the contra bass, but obviously you won't hear them very often. Not many orchestras owns one of theese clarinets, we're also talking big money here.

The straight shape version of this instrument is about 6 feet tall and made mostly of wood. The U-shaped barrel is made of metal. The body is of wood and about 4 feet long. Then there is the bell and the moputhpiece. One of the manufacturers is Vito.

The picture to the right shows the contrabass we use in Stockholm clarinet choir. It is a LeBlanc. Put on your sunglasses; it shines.

The picture below shows how to play the contra. Click on the image to view full size.

Straight and bent version of the contrabass clarinet Contrabass clarinet

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