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Did you know there are (as far as I know) 27 different types of clarinets constructed throughout the years? On theses pages you will find a little bit of information about many of them, mostly those that are used in todays music. This site does not claim to be complete in any way, so if you lack any information here please send me an e-mail and I will include it.

All pictures of Buffet Crampon clarinets are published with kind permission of Buffet Crampon.

  This page has been translated into Finnish by Michael Sirola. You find it here.

Clarinet history FAQ Sound Clips

Speaking of history: You MUST check this french site with wonderful pictures of very old clarinets.

I would also like to recommend this megasite with a lot of clarinet information. Anne Bells'.

The family as far as I know it      The family according to F. Geoffrey Rendall
(from his book on Ernest Benn Ltd 1971)


Some members of the clarinet family


A-flat and high G clarinet
Octave Clarinet in C


E-flat clarinet
  Clarinet in B-flat


D clarinet
  Clarinet in A-flat


C clarinet
  Clarinet in G


B-flat clarinet
Sopranino Clarinet in F


A clarinet
  Clarinet in E


G clarinet (Turkish clarinet)
  Clarinet in E-flat


Bassette clarinet/horn in F and A
  Clarinet in D


Alto clarinet in E-flat
Soprano Clarinet in C


Bass clarinet in B-flat and A
  Clarinet in B-natural


Contra Alto clarinet in E-flat
  Clarinet in B-flat


Contra Bass clarinet in B-flat
  Clarintet in A


Sub Contra Alto clarinet in E-flat
Alto Clarinet d'amour in A-flat


Sub Contra Bass clarinet in B-flat
  Clarinet d'amour in G


Chalumeau (pre-clarinet)
  Clarinet in G


Tenor Clarinet in F


  Bassette horn in G


  Bassette horn in F


  Bassette horn in D


  Clarinet in E-flat


Baritone Bass clarinet in C


  Bass clarinet in B-flat


  Bass clarinet in A


Bass Contra bassette horn in G


  Contra bassette horn in F


  Contra bassette horn in E-flat


  Contra bass clarinet in C


  Contra bass clarinet in B-flat





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